New rules on steel tax rebates

New rules on steel tax rebates

1. new tax rebates :now China changes 146 steel products the new tax rebate rules. steel products rebate from the original 13% Rebate to now 0% rebate. The overall price will go up a little bit. 

2. The steel materials price continue price: Due to the influence of COVID-19, the price of steel materials has been rising. if boss have purchase plan ,we suggest confirm the order as soon as possible . Steel materials prices are still expected to continue to rise. 

3. The time of delivery: due to the price of steel has risen rapidly recently . The delivery date may be 5-10 days longer than the previous. Reasons for prolonged delivery : when the customers confirms the order , we will arrange raw materials purchase, the price of materials keeps going up .The materials factory seals the warehouse at 15:00 China time eevery day . If don’t get the materials that day,  have to wait until the next day. thanks for yr udnerstanding. 

4.The sea freight price: the sea freight will not be reduced for a period of time. 

Now the price is very good , if boss have purchase plan , we suggest purchase in advance . if have any question , PLS contact us .thanks. 

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